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Black Angels Over Tuskegee

Actors Temple Theatre
339 W 47th St, NYC 10036

Tickets start at $39.50!

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Black Angels Over Tuskegee is the story of the Tuskegee Airmen told in narrative of six men embarking upon a journey to become pilots in the United States Army Air Forces. The play explores their collective struggle with Jim Crow, their intelligence, patriotism, dreams of an inclusive fair society, and brotherhood. The play goes beyond the headlines of the popular stories of the Tuskegee Airmen and exposes the men who exhibited the courage to excel, in spite of all the overwhelming odds against them.

Winner 2009 NAACP Award "Best Ensemble"
Winner 2009 Artistic Achievement Award "Best Play"

“Uplifting! Inspirational! This show is also tough to resist. By the end, when the pilots overcame their obstacles and finally got up into the air to the swelling of music, tears welled up in my eyes.” - New York Times

“Dynamite performances!” - Time Out NY

"The characters are so realistic that the audience can't help but be thoroughly moved!" - Associated Press

"Excellent ensemble acting keeps Black Angels Over Tuskegee soaring. Some plays teach, others celebrate, and a few simply entertain. Black Angels Over Tuskegee manages to do all three and one thing more: It inspires." -Back Stage

Layon Gray, Delano Barbosa, Kenneth Browning, Lamar Cheston, Craig Colasanti, Thaddeus Daniels, Anthony Goss, Melvin Huffnagle, David Roberts, Delano Barbosa

Creative Team:
Author: Layon Gray
Director: Layon Gray
Producer: Layon Gray Enterprises, LLC, Edmund Gaynes
Press Agent: David Gersten & Associates

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